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Rich B


As a real estate investor, Tony was the ideal agent to work with as he himself is also an investor. This is absolutely key as he knows what to look out for and assists as another set eyes for the valuation analyses. Also, an investor-friendly agent was a must for me personally as I am an out of state investor, so you have to trust your “boots on the ground.” Tony was a pleasure to work with. I never once felt pressured to go into a deal that I was uncomfortable moving forward. You can tell he is genuine, authentic, and not self-motivated. He wants you to get into the best deal possible because if you do well; he’ll have a return client moving forward. He is also very easy to speak with and is very reachable even at late hours. I spoke and consulted with Tony so frequently leading up to and during the contract period that we both felt we should add each other to speed dial.  Overall, I would highly recommend Tony to any other real estate investor who is looking to buy or sell in the Pittsburgh area. Thanks again, Tony! Looking forward to many more deals

Kristina I

I was a first time real estate investor looking for my first ‘deal’. I do not live in Pittsburgh so I was looking for a realtor who had extensive local real estate knowledge, expertise in real estate investing themselves and who was very responsive. Anthony, was all of those things a lot more.   He was extremely proactive in finding and sending me deal opportunities from the start and provided unwavering guidance as I weeded through the various properties. Once I was under contract, Anthony made the closing processing seem seamless. He was incredibly organized and ensured that nothing fell through the cracks. Anthony is an incredibly hard worker, trustworthy and knowledgeable. I will be using Anthony for all my real estate purchases. 

Jasper S


I highly recommend working with Tony for purchasing investment properties. He has an excellent combination of knowledge, responsiveness, candor, good judgment, and politeness and is well organized. Especially if you’re an out of state investor he’s the perfect choice. We feel lucky we met Tony and closed on our first investment property with him.

Gregory L.


I am an out of state buyer and recently closed on my first of three properties with Tony. My business partner and I did all three at once and Tony has done a great job keeping track of everything and making sure that all is on track to closing. I thought it would be hard keeping track of all at one time, but he’s done a fantastic job of utilizing tools to keep track of everything and keeping us updated with everything that we need. This first property is a multifamily that needs some work and he has been a great help providing references for contractors to work on the property and property managers. I would highly recommend him to other investors looking for income producing property in Pittsburgh

Duc O


Tony was a fantastic resource to have as an agent. Although we ended up terminating my transaction, Tony ensured that my money was protected at all times by recommending a great inspector and making sure that I didn’t buy a money pit. We got our earnest money back in full and even though I was still prepared to move forward he made me aware of all the risks with the property and helped me realize that my money could be spent much better elsewhere. This demonstrated a lot of integrity on his part and he has my full trust as a client. I look forward to working with Tony in the future and I trust him to the point that I’m now considering working with him as a business partner!

Cait W


Tony was not only very knowledgeable, but was definitely passionate about what he does, and that is exactly what you want in an agent. He was genuinely excited for me throughout the entire process. He answered every question I had (and I had a LOT) and he was able to explain things to me in a way for me to easily understand, as a first time home-buyer. Every time I needed Tony he answered his phone. I was a very picky home-buyer and warned Tony, but this did not bother him or affect his professionalism in any way; Tony continued to help me find my dream home, even when I became fixated on a property which was already taken. We pursued until I, just today, closed on this same property. I assumed this process would be very detailed, confusing, stressful.. everything you imagine spending your life savings would consist of- but Tony made the entire process fun for me. Whenever conversation with any friends and/or family turns into discussions of purchasing a home, I will whole heatedly recommend Tony.

Greg R


Tony was very responsible, he helped us with all aspects of this sale. As we are out of state buyers, Tony made sure that he researched our criteria and made sure the properties met our requirements before sending us the listings. Since we were unable to view the properties in person, he visited the property to make sure he was not wasting our time.


Anthony had my best interest at heart. He was always well prepared and enthusiastic from the beginning. He walked with me from pricing my house to staging and through the entire sales process. Knowing Anthony was always available for me, helped reduce my stress level. I would recommend Anthony to everyone. SOLD ON the FIRST DAY

Laura F.

Tony was great through the entire buying process. He was on top of everything that had to happen before closing and was organized and efficient from beginning to end. Tony worked very hard to make sure that all aspects of my purchase were taken care of by reputable companies!

Yang Z.

I recently purchased a multifamily investment property with Tony in Pittsburgh. I am an out of state buyer and he was more than willing to do a ton of the legwork for me and went above and beyond to make sure that I was kept up to date on every aspect of the process. He utilized project management  software to make sure the due diligence period went smoothly, provided me with a number of quality references for inspectors and tradespeople, and helped to set me up with contractors to provide quotes to aid in the negotiation process to help maximize my leverage and negotiating position. I would recommend him to both out of state and local investors as an agent knowledgable about investment real estate.


Kevin B.

Tony is an excellent agent, extremely knowledgeable, patient and informative. I always feel like he is looking out for my best interest, never pressured me into making any decisions, but he provided tools and tips to allow me to meet requirements and deadlines. If you are looking to sell or buy a  property, give Tony a call, you won’t regret it!

Carlo F

I worked with Tony to look for a property in the Pittsburgh marketplace. He was extremely professional and really went the extra mile to ensure my needs were met as a home buyer. I would use his services again!

Alec N

I recently closed on my first investment property thanks to Tony. He was very knowledgeable about purchasing an investment property and helped to walk me through the process. His communication was fantastic and was always prompt at responding to my questions and making sure I understood the  process. I have every intention of continuing to work with Tony on my future property purchases. Thanks for the great experience!

Wen Z

Tony has been fantastic to work with. He is extremely knowledgeable about the Pittsburgh area and is very investor-friendly. He understands that investors have different priorities in a property than retail home buyers and always recommended properties that would fit into our investment strategy.  Tony was never pushy and was patient all the way until we found what we were looking for. He was always available and would respond to our questions in a short amount of time. Until this day Tony has probably sent us hundreds of text messages and most of the time we got our answers instantly. We will be working with Tony on our future real estate acquisitions in the Pittsburgh area and wholeheartedly recommend Tony to any out-of-state investor looking to invest in Pittsburgh.

Chris A

Tony is a great agent who goes above and beyond to find the right property for his clients. I highly recommend him to any buyer, but especially to real estate investors. Tony helped me review a number of properties based on my criteria, and then we narrowed it down further until we found the best  deal in my price range that would provide solid cash flow. I would definitely work with Tony again in the future.

Jim T

Tony was both very patient and very helpful with us. He is well versed in what a property needs to be a good investment and he stuck with us no matter how picky we were.

Kevin D

Prior to meeting Tony, my real estate experience included one Real-Estate Owned purchase and one standard sale with a VA loan. All holdings are MFR in Long Beach, CA. I’ve been interested in expanding my portfolio outside of California for several years now. Every time I started looking at  property in Phoenix or Vegas, my lack of network in the given city became apparent. I met Tony through Biggerpockets and was immediately impressed by the professional and proactive manner with which he conducts himself. He owns investment property in the Pittsburgh area and thereby has an excellent network coupled with the investor mindset. Tony helped me expand my search radius from the two neighborhoods that I’m familiar with into a nearby area which is better priced for cash flow. I am totally satisfied with the property that he helped me find. It is a duplex in Carnegie and while it needs some minor repairs, it’s an ideal buy for me, the out of state buyer. He provided recommendations for local contractors, property management, and insurance along with his level of experience with each contact. Tony is the third realtor that I have done business with and it was an absolute pleasure. His communication skills are superb and go a long way towards bridging the gap caused by the physical distance between the two of us. I will look to Tony next time I’m ready to buy in the Pittsburgh area. Thank you!

Michael W Testimonial

I just completed a purchase of a multifamily investment property with Tony. This transaction was not simple, and the seller created some significant issues that had to be overcome. Tony had to do a lot of work, and solve significant problems to Shepard the transaction to closing. And he is still  involved, helping me get the management of the property under control. Beyond saying that I would use Tony again, I’m actually in the process of purchasing another property through him.

Lukas L Testimonial

Knowledgeable, dependable, responsive, and thorough are all words I could use to describe Tony. As a first time homebuyer, I had a ton of questions about the process and each property. Tony was able to answer all of them and go above and beyond. He is definitely strong at assessing the good and bad  about a property and the surrounding area. He has your best interests always at the front of any conversation or decision. I will definitely be using Tony in any transactions I have in the future and would recommend him to anyone in need of a realtor.

Alex A

Tony is a great realtor. My favorite thing about Tony is that he tells you the truth. If Tony thinks the property is appropriately priced or not, he will let you know. He is not trying to make a quick buck. Also, he is very knowledgeable about the greater Pittsburgh area. The next property I buy  will definitely be with him.

Sam V

Anthony and I connected via a real estate networking site. A He is an investor himself, which is another reason why Anthony was a great choice as an agent for my situation. With the help of Anthony I just recently purchased my second property, a duplex that will serve as my first live in “house hack”. Throughout the whole process Anthony came through in a BIG way. We were dealing with sellers that were extremely difficult in more ways than one, but Anthony managed to move the process along as fast and efficiently as possible. Perhaps the most important thing that Anthony did along the way was to NOT pressure me into buying a deal that didn’t make sense. I highly recommend Anthony as an agent.

Adam C

Tony has been the consummate professional. We have been working together for almost 9 months and I could not have made my most recent investment purchase without him. His network is vast, communication above and beyond, and consultation invaluable. I will certainly be working with Tony on an  on-going basis and look forward to a long professional relationship.

Wei D

Before meeting Tony I already own a duplex rental myself, and was looking to expand in Pittsburgh back in 2017Q4. What I love the most about Tony is his methodical approach to finding good deals. (aside: I’m a software engineer myself, and at the end of our first phone, before he told me I  correctly guessed that he was an engineer by training.) In the ensuing months he shared with me through MLS hundreds of listings that can be a potential fit for me (2-4 units), which gave me good sense of the market. I would go back and forth with him (in a matter of a day or two as he was very responsive) to debate about why a particular listing is worth visiting, which was very good education for me in this market. He also continues to send me good deals he noted to be good. If you are like me and work well with numbers, you’d definitely enjoy working with Tony. Back to our house hunt. Tony and I then spent two days visiting ~8 houses in the cold Pittsburgh winter. Again the visits were very efficient as we batched them together. In the end we were closing in on this property (521 Pacific Ave) and Tony helped me to negotiate >$20k below listing price ($99.9k). After the offer was accepted, Tony again applied efficient methods to track the progress to work towards closing (We use Asana which is widely used in many tech companies.) During the inspection we unfortunately discovered some major structural issues, which was more risk than I was willing to take on. Even though he had spent weeks with me on that property at that point already (from initial visit to inspection to even giving me ideas on how to do the rehab), he didn’t give me any pressure at all when I wanted to back out. It’s been an amazing time working with him, that my last purchase of the duplex was no comparison. I can’t say enough good things about Tony. I therefore can confidently endorse Tony for all buyers looking for single family or small multi-family houses in Pittsburgh. Tony is an especially good fit if you are an investor who cares about numbers and returns like me.

Greg C

As an out-of-state investor, it can be extremely challenging to invest. You might be able to find a neighborhood you want to invest in, but it’s different block to block. This is where it’s invaluable to have Tony on your team, as he is an investor himself and has a great deal of local knowledge.  Tony has a huge network and will help his clients in any way he can. He is also very responsive and has a high level of integrity. I look forward to working with Tony to build my portfolio.

Matt E

My experience couldn’t have been better! Anthony is very knowledgeable and is 100% there for his clients. Everything was done in a very timely manner and I’d recommend him to anyone for any real estate needs!

Michael G

Tony was organized and quickly learned our investment strategy. Soon after he started sending us listings as they came available. He would also include comments with the advertisement describing why he thought the property met our conditions. Perhaps most important, he was also very responsive  and would make every attempt to answer my questions on the same day. If the inquiry required additional time, or if he was busy that day, he would at least let me know when to expect a response. This might seem trivial to some but [to an investor] this is such a good quality to have in your agent.

Nick D

Tony was the most knowledgeable, honest, and responsive agent I have ever worked with. He was able to use his resources to help remove any problems that came up during our closing which was key due to me being an out of state seller. He sold my house in 1 day for full asking price!

Diane T

First Class all the way!!!! Tony has the knowledge, know how, and most importantly trustworthiness to be the best pick for a real estate agent! I chose him from his Zillow profile and he met with me promptly to discuss the sale of my home. I picked the right guy hands down. From my listing until closing it was 68 days!!!!! So happy to have known him!!!


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