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Before meeting Tony I already own a duplex rental myself, and was looking to expand in Pittsburgh back in 2017Q4. What I love the most about Tony is his methodical approach to finding good deals. (aside: I’m a software engineer myself, and at the end of our first phone, before he told me I  correctly guessed that he was an engineer by training.) In the ensuing months he shared with me through MLS hundreds of listings that can be a potential fit for me (2-4 units), which gave me good sense of the market. I would go back and forth with him (in a matter of a day or two as he was very responsive) to debate about why a particular listing is worth visiting, which was very good education for me in this market. He also continues to send me good deals he noted to be good. If you are like me and work well with numbers, you’d definitely enjoy working with Tony. Back to our house hunt. Tony and I then spent two days visiting ~8 houses in the cold Pittsburgh winter. Again the visits were very efficient as we batched them together. In the end we were closing in on this property (521 Pacific Ave) and Tony helped me to negotiate >$20k below listing price ($99.9k). After the offer was accepted, Tony again applied efficient methods to track the progress to work towards closing (We use Asana which is widely used in many tech companies.) During the inspection we unfortunately discovered some major structural issues, which was more risk than I was willing to take on. Even though he had spent weeks with me on that property at that point already (from initial visit to inspection to even giving me ideas on how to do the rehab), he didn’t give me any pressure at all when I wanted to back out. It’s been an amazing time working with him, that my last purchase of the duplex was no comparison. I can’t say enough good things about Tony. I therefore can confidently endorse Tony for all buyers looking for single family or small multi-family houses in Pittsburgh. Tony is an especially good fit if you are an investor who cares about numbers and returns like me.

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