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As a real estate investor, Tony was the ideal agent to work with as he himself is also an investor. This is absolutely key as he knows what to look out for and assists as another set eyes for the valuation analyses. Also, an investor-friendly agent was a must for me personally as I am an out of state investor, so you have to trust your “boots on the ground.” Tony was a pleasure to work with. I never once felt pressured to go into a deal that I was uncomfortable moving forward. You can tell he is genuine, authentic, and not self-motivated. He wants you to get into the best deal possible because if you do well; he’ll have a return client moving forward. He is also very easy to speak with and is very reachable even at late hours. I spoke and consulted with Tony so frequently leading up to and during the contract period that we both felt we should add each other to speed dial.  Overall, I would highly recommend Tony to any other real estate investor who is looking to buy or sell in the Pittsburgh area. Thanks again, Tony! Looking forward to many more deals

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