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Prior to meeting Tony, my real estate experience included one Real-Estate Owned purchase and one standard sale with a VA loan. All holdings are MFR in Long Beach, CA. I’ve been interested in expanding my portfolio outside of California for several years now. Every time I started looking at  property in Phoenix or Vegas, my lack of network in the given city became apparent. I met Tony through Biggerpockets and was immediately impressed by the professional and proactive manner with which he conducts himself. He owns investment property in the Pittsburgh area and thereby has an excellent network coupled with the investor mindset. Tony helped me expand my search radius from the two neighborhoods that I’m familiar with into a nearby area which is better priced for cash flow. I am totally satisfied with the property that he helped me find. It is a duplex in Carnegie and while it needs some minor repairs, it’s an ideal buy for me, the out of state buyer. He provided recommendations for local contractors, property management, and insurance along with his level of experience with each contact. Tony is the third realtor that I have done business with and it was an absolute pleasure. His communication skills are superb and go a long way towards bridging the gap caused by the physical distance between the two of us. I will look to Tony next time I’m ready to buy in the Pittsburgh area. Thank you!

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