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From an interview I did with Adam Daley:

Tony Angotti is an agent and investor that got started by purchasing a duplex and living in one side and renting the other (House-Hacking). He continues to purchase rental real estate and works primarily with investors to do the same. Tony always has his client’s best interest at heart and as a result many of his clients purchase multiple investment properties with him.

Specializing in remote and out of state investors has been key to the growth of Tony’s business. He provides a tremendous amount of service including consulting with clients to determine the submarkets of Pittsburgh that they should be in based on their goals, taking walk through videos and pictures for properties of interest, scouring the market for both on and off market cash flowing property, and meticulously tailoring the search for investment properties. More than just MLS alerts, Tony hand picks properties to send to you based on your criteria. Continuing that service Tony doesn’t consider his job completely done when the transaction closes.  He provides a number of quality contractor contacts, property manager contacts, and other professionals to ensure that your property is a success.

But that’s not why we’re here today. Tony Angotti is the latest advisor to be featured in the DHRE Spotlight! Sit back, relax, and let’s have a little fun with this highly successful investor.


DHRE: Alright, “Tony”…if that is your real name. We always start light and with the basics around here. Why did you decide to get involved in Real Estate investing?

TA: Financial Independence. There is work involved and it’s definitely a grind, but if you see the light at the end of the tunnel you can tell that it’s one of the few places where you can make money while you sleep. Up front it’s a lot of work, but once a property is stabilized you get to collect rent checks that help replace income that you need to actively work for. It’s not the fastest path to wealth, but there’s so much information out there that you can learn from all of those that figured it out.

DHRE: Well said. What do you find to be the most rewarding aspect of Real Estate investing?

TA: I really enjoy preparing paperwork and ensuring that all boxes are checked.

DHRE: Wait, what?

TA: Just kidding. The best part is probably when, as an agent, a client finally gets through to closing and you get to see their excitement about reaching a goal of home ownership that they’ve been saving and working towards for a long time. Also, finding that perfect investment for a client to get closer to early retirement. It’s always nice to work with investor clients that share in my joy of excel spreadsheets. 

I’ve also always enjoyed building something. Real Estate always makes me feel like I’m working towards something. Never a dull day.



DHRE:  Fill in the blank, and explain your answer. If I didn’t go into real estate investing, I would probably be __________.

TA: Trudging along mindlessly with my day and watching The Walking Dead and other mindless shows. I’d probably look like one of the zombies.

DHRE: So you’re saying something like this?



TA: Yes! Exactly like that. Kidding aside, I don’t know. Before I started investing I think I didn’t really have anything that I was passionate about. Nothing that I was really working towards. With Real Estate investing it gives me the opportunity to work towards a goal. And quitting my 9-5 job before I turn 30. So there’s that. 

I have my master’s in Biology and worked in Pharmaceutical Quality Assurance prior to quitting. So I’d probably be working for that corner office and company car somewhere. 

DHRE: Everyone seemingly has their own reasons on why they love the Steel City. Why do you choose to invest in the Pittsburgh market?

TA: I grew up here. I know the area. I still live here. Family is here. That’s why for me. 

For other people I think that Pittsburgh is one of the few places in the country where any type of Real Estate Investing works. You can buy cash flow rentals. You can flip properties and make good return. You can invest in notes. We have small commercial buildings. We have large commercial buildings. It’s really a good market to get started and grow in. You can buy a duplex, get some experience, and then buy something bigger. Also, with all of the development in the tech sector, we have been seeing some appreciation as well. That, and I recently read that we are one of the most popular cities for Millennials to move to. That should be a strong indicator of future growth as that generation starts to grow roots in the region.

DHRE: Ok, now it’s time we get to the tough questions. Is it PGH or PIT…or the Philadelphia Eagles?

TA: PGH. Just looks better. PIT makes me think of an armpit. No one needs to associate our city with that.

DHRE: You’re not wrong. Now let’s address this Eagles rumor.

TA: I love the Penguins and would love the Pirates (if ownership would give them a chance to be legit).

DHRE: But?

BUT the Philadelphia Eagles have always resonated with me. I’d consider myself scrappy and someone who will keep plugging away towards a goal even when success isn’t immediate. Something about the Eagles always coming back for more appealed to me when I was growing up. It’s easy to root for a perennial Super Bowl contender and 6 time champion. It takes something else to keep coming back to a team that is constantly getting knocked down and having to get back up. This past year and the Super Bowl was probably the happiest I’ve been about sports in my life. I’ve taken a lot of verbal abuse from Sixburgh Steelers Fans.



DHRE: As a Raider fan, I can totally relate. This city can be cruel when your team is down! Reminds me of our Super Bowl XV victory…

TA: Wait, what?

DHRE: Oh, nothing. 😉 Moving on! Everyone loves quotes and quoting others. What’s your favorite?

TA: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” – Winston Churchill

Really though. This guy too:



TA: THAT’S the truth.

DHRE: That was intense! So intense I forgot what I was going to ask. Help me out here so I can take a breath. Ask yourself a question.

TA: Name three people (living or dead) to have coffee with all together at the same table, and then name three people individually. No sappy answers!

DHRE: Alright, wiseguy. Think it’s that easy? Try this out for size. I want you to name three people, living or dead, you’d want to have coffee with. All together at the same Bat Table, same Bat Time. Bonus points if you can name three more individuals you’d prefer to have a more intimate one-on-one conversation with. And don’t get all sappy on me.

TA: All together:

Joe Rogan, Tim Ferriss, and Mitch Hedberg. Mitch and Joe have some of the best and most entertaining stream of consciousness material out there when it comes to media. Tim just does a really good job of interviewing and steering conversation so I think that you’d get some really entertaining and insightful stuff out of that group.

1. Warren Buffett. I think I would learn more in an hour of talking with him than I would in any classroom. 

2. Barbara Corcoran. What she’s done in real estate and her career is amazing. I didn’t really know her story until I listened to her feature on the podcast How I Built This. Since then I’ve really admired what she built and how she built it.

3. Billy Joel. Because I could finally figure out who did indeed start the fire. I know it’s always been burning, but I really want to know who/what started it. Meteor? Volcano? Caveman Arson? I’ll never know unless I ask. Right now the answer is far too chicken and the egg for my liking.


Tony Angotti is always ready to field any questions or comments you have. Contact him today!

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